Argo Own Brand Cattle & Dairy Feeds

All of the below diets must include forage and clean water at all times.

Coarse Calf Ration / Baby Calf Pellets

Introduce to diet as a creep feed. Both are very palatable high specification diets to encourage early growth.

Calf Rearing Nuts

Wean on to from Baby Calf Pellets when eating approximately 1 kilo per day.

Special Beef Nuts

To be fed from 6 months for fattening feed to finish.

Stock Nuts

A complementary compound feed suitable for Sheep, Goats, Cattle, and Deer. To be fed with forage and fresh clean water. Feed from 6 months for maintenance or for replacement breeding stock.

Dairy / Beef Concentrate

A supplementary feed to be mixed with home grown cereals. To be fed with forage.

Stock Mix 20kg

A palatable complementary compound feed suitable for Cattle, Goats, Deer and Sheep (excluding Rams and intensively fed Male Lambs). To be fed with forage and fresh water from 6 months of age for maintenance or replacement breeding stock.

Open Farm Cubes 20kg

Sca Nutec

SCA Daisy Calf Milk 25

SCA Mineralix Feed Bucket - High Energy Cattle 20