Argo Own Brand Dog &Cat Food

A wide range of complete diets to suit all breeds and sizes, at all stages of life. Different diets for working, sporting and pet dogs.

Dog Food

Dr Jim’s Crunch 15 kg

Holmevale Muesli 15 kg

Puppy / Junior Food - Chicken & Rice 15 kg

Chicken, Rice and 3 Veg 15 kg

Digestive Biscuits 15 kg

Allsorts 10 kg

Allsorts 5 kg

Allsorts 2kg

Bonibix 5 kg

Bonibix 2kg

Tinned Dog Meat – Gelert - various flavours (vat free) 12 x 400 grms

Working Dog Food 15kg

Cat Foods

CatSnap - Variety Flavour Biscuits 15 kg

CatSnap - Variety Flavour Biscuits 5 kg

Tinned – Variety Chunks in Jelly 12 x 400 grms

Dog & Cat Food

Burns Dog Foods

Chicken & Brown Rice 15 kg

Chicken & Brown Rice 2 kg

Lamb & Brown Rice 15 kg

Lamb & Brown Rice 2 kg

Pork & Potato 15 kg

Pork & Potato 2 kg

Fish & Brown Rice 15 kg

Fish & Brown Rice 2 kg

Duck & Brown Rice 15 kg

Duck & Brown Rice 2 kg

Puppy Original 15kg

Puppy Original 2kg

Alert-Chicken 2kg


Active 15 kg

Adult - Beef 15 kg

Adult - Beef 2 kg

Adult - Chicken 15 kg

Adult - Chicken 2.5kg

Greyhound / Lurcher

Country Value Greyhound (Red)

Puppy 12.5 kg

Puppy 2.5 kg

Burgess Supadog Sensitive Salmon 12.5kg

Burgess Supadog Sensitive Salmon 2kg

Burgess Supadog Sensitive Turkey 12.5kg

Burgess Supadog Sensitive Turkey 2kg

Burgess Supadog Sensitive Lamb 12.5kg

Burgess Supadog Sensitive Lamb 2kg

Burgess Supa Cat Adult - Chicken 10 kg

Burgess Supa Cat Adult - Chicken 1.5 kg

Burgess Supa Cat Adult - Scottish Salmon 10 kg

Burgess Supa Cat Adult - Scottish Salmon 1.5 kg

Burgess Supa Cat Mature - Turkey & Cranberry 1.4 kg

Burgess Supa Cat Kitten 1.5kg


Adult with Salmon 15kg

Adult with Salmon 2.5kg

Original 15 kg

Classic – Chicken & Rice 15 kg

Classic – Chicken & Rice 2.5 kg

Working Crunch 15 kg

Senior 15 kg

Senior 2.5 kg

Lite 15 kg

Lite 2.5 kg

Sensitive Lamb 15 kg

Sensitive Lamb 2.5 kg

Junior 15 kg

Junior 2.5 kg

Puppy 15 kg

Puppy 2.5 kg

Chudleys Cat Food

Chudleys Feline Chicken 15kg

Chudleys Feline Chicken 2kg

Chudleys Feline Salmon 15kg

Chudleys Feline Salmon 2kg

Red Mills

Racer 15 kg

Tracker (Maintenance) 15 kg

Engage Mother & Puppy 15kg


Working Dog Crunch 15 kg


Puppy/Junior 7.5kg

Adult 10 kg

Mature/Lite 10 kg

Autarky Dog Foods

Puppy / Junior 10 kg

Puppy / Junior 2 kg

Adult 15 kg

Adult 2.5 kg

Mature / Light 15 kg

Mature / Light 2.5 kg

Adult Salmon 2.5 kg

Adult Salmon 15 kg

Salmon Mature/Lite 15 kg

Salmon Mature/Lite 2.5 kg

Adult Turkey Grain Free 12kg

Adult Turkey Grain Free 2kg

Adult White Fish Grain Free 12kg

Adult White Fish Grain Free 2kg

Sca Nutec

Multi Milk


C S J Cp21 Salmon 15 kg

C S J Complete Tripe 15 kg

C S J Lamb & Rice 15 kg

C S J Little Champ Puppy 15 kg

C S J Old Champ 15 kg

C S J Champ Adult 15kg

C S J Natural That’ll Do/Hi Lost 15kg

C S J Fit N Fast 15kg

Dr John - Gilbertson & Page

Silver Chicken 15kg

Silver Chicken 4kg

Silver Beef 15kg

Silver Beef 4kg

Titanium 15kg

Hypoallergenic 15kg

Gold 15 kg

Gold 4 kg

Flake 15 kg

Puppy 10kg

Arkwright’s - Chicken 15 kg

Arkwright’s - Chicken 4 kg

Arkwright’s - Beef 15 kg

Arkwright’s - Beef 4 kg

Alpha Dog Foods

Adult Working Maintenance (Red) 15 kg

Gold Moist Muesli 15 kg

Adult Sporting Maintenance (Green) 15 kg

Junior & Active – Field Nuggets 15 kg

Sporting Puppy 15 kg

Sensitive 15 kg

Field and Trial Range (Vat Free)

Puppy 15kg and 2.5kg

Junior 15kg and 2.5kg

Maintenance 15kg and 2.5kg

Maintenance Plus 15kg and 2.5kg

Muesli Mix 15kg

Working 23 15kg

Crunchy 15kg

Duck & Rice 15kg and 2.5kg

Salmon & Rice 15kg and 2.5kg

Turkey & Rice 15kg and 2.5kg

Chicken & Rice 15kg and 2.5kg

Skinners Pet Range (plus Vat)

Puppy Lamb & Rice 15kg

Puppy Lamb & Rice 2.5kg

Light & Senior 15kg

Light & Senior 2.5kg

Ruff & Ready 15kg

Ruff & Ready 2.5kg

Cat Litter

Kitti - Dry 20 ltr

Verdo Wood Pellets 15kg



Calm and Focused 200grms, 500grms

Joint Mobility 200grms, 500grms

Senior Dog 200grms, 500grms

Omega 3 Joint Mobility + Gravy

Gold Label

Gold Label Glucosamine Liquid 1ltr

Gold Label Cod Liver Oil 1ltr


Canine Superflex Liquid 500 Mls / 1 Ltr


Please enquire for details of products available in this range.

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