Argo Own Brand Equine Feeds

Argo Horse Feeds do not contain any fillers or preservatives and require no supplement action from other feed, other than roughage and water.

Leisure Feeds

Forage Nuts & Mix 20kg

An ideal maintenance feed for horses, ponies at rest, in light work or good doers.

Meadow Cubes & Meadowmix 20kg

An ideal maintenance feed for horses and ponies in light to medium work.

Argochop 15kg

An appetising high fibre chaff containing molasses. Ideal for adding to hard feed to help encourage chewing and slow down fast eaters.

Argo Value Horse and Pony Cubes

High fibre, low protein, non-heating horse & pony cube ideal for maintenance feeding of horses at rest or in light work.

Argo Value Horse and Pony Mix

High fibre, low protein, non-heating coarse mix ideal for maintenance feeding of horses at rest or in light work.

Specialist Feeds

Conditioning Cubes 20kg

A Barley free, non heating & highly digestible cubes to promote condition and topline through slow release energy sources.

Conditioning Mix 20kg

Formulated for horses and ponies that need to gain condition in a controlled way. Barley free, high oil and fibre, easily digestible, it helps horses to gain weight whilst minimising the risk of excitability.

Senior Mix (Pellet Free) 20kg

A pellet free mix formulated for older horses and ponies that need to maintain condition.

Pedro’s Donkey Nuts 20kg

A high fibre, low energy and protein diet with suitable minerals for Donkeys. To be fed with forage and adequate water.


Working Mix 20kg

A mixture of cereals for energy and high quality protein sources for competition horses and ponies in medium to hard work.


Stud & Youngstock Mix 20kg

Formulated to meet high nutritional demands of brood mares & growing youngstock.


Argo Stablemate Vitamin Mineral Supplement

A highly palatable supplement to compliment your horses daily diet whilst enhancing condition and performance. Stablemate contains a high level of all vitamins and minerals including Vitamin E and Selenium which together can help to calm nervous horses and improve stamina and fertility whist maximising condition both internally and externally.

Pure Garlic Granules

As an ancient herbal therapy, Garlic is well known for its general nutritional properties especially in the relief of respiratory complaints. Garlic also has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and can help conditions such as Sweet-itch.


Used for palatability and is a good source of energy.

Cod Liver Oil

Rich in vitamins A, D and E, Cod Liver Oil helps build resistance to infections, promotes healthy bone growth and develops general good condition.

The Original
“Vit-Min” Cod Liver Oil Condiment

This specially formulated blend of Cod Liver Oil contains Seaweed, Spices, Minerals and Herbs to promotes healthy bone growth, bright eyes, shiny coats and general well being both internally and externally.

SALT – Fine

ARGO Straights

Flaked Barley
Rolled Barley
Flaked Beans
Flaked Peas
Grass Pellets
Flaked Linseed Prochips
Flaked Maize
Mixed Flakes
Rolled Oats
Whole Oats
Flaked Linseed Prochips

Equine Feeds & Beddings


Alfa-A Original 20 kg

Alfa-A Lite 20 kg

Alfa-A Oil 20 kg

Alfa-A – Molasses Free 20 kg

Alfa-Beet (un-molassed) 20 kg

Dried Alfalfa Pellets 20 kg

Good – Doer 20 kg

Hi-Fi – Apple 20 kg

Hi-Fi Original 20 kg

Hi-Fi Molasses Free 20 kg

Hi-Fi Lite 20 kg

Hi-Fi Senior 20 kg

Healthy Hooves 20 kg

Healthy Hooves Molasses Free 20kg

Healthy Tummy 15kg

Alfa-A Balancer 10 kg

Meadow Grass with Herbs 15kg

Grass Pellets 20kg

Lesiure Vits & Mins 2kg

Performance Vits & Mins 2kg

Digestive Health Plus 1kg

Dodson & Horrell

Alfalfa Chaff 20 kg

Barley Rings 15 kg

Build Up Cubes 20 kg

Build & Glow 18 kg

Build Up Muesli 20 kg

Country Competition Mix 20 kg

Competition Concentrate 20 kg

Cush Care Condition

E R S Pellets 15 kg

Equilac - Mare’s Milk Replacer 10 kg

Fibergy 20 kg

High Fibre Mix

High Fibre Nuts 20 kg

Micro Feed 20 kg

Mare & Youngstock Mix 20 kg

Pasture Cubes 20 kg

Pasture Mix 20 kg

Safe and Sound 18 kg

Sixteen Plus Mix 20 kg

Sixteen Plus Cubes 20 kg

Staypower Cubes 20 kg

StayPower Muesli 20 kg

Suregrow Pellets 20 kg

Ultimate Balancer 20 kg

Winter Health Mash 20kg

Yearling Cubes 20 kg


No.1 - Cooked Cereal Meal 20 kg

No.2 - Working Cubes 20 kg

No.3 - Stud Cubes 20 kg

No.4 - Top Line Cubes 20 kg

No.6 - Endurance Mix 20 kg

No.7 - Stud Mix 20 kg

No.8 - Meadowsweet 20 kg

No.9 - Competition Mix 20 kg

No.10 - Racehorse Mix 20 kg

No.11 - Racehorse Cubes 20 kg

No.14 - Low-Cal Balancer 20 kg

No.15 - Senior Mix 20 kg

No 16 - Racing Light 20 kg

No.17 - Conditioning Mix 20 kg

No 19 - Performance Balancer 20 kg

No. 20 - slow release condition and competition mix 20kg

No. 21 - ease and excel 20kg

Digest plus 1kg

Everyday High Fibre Cubes 20 kg

Everyday High Fibre Mix 20 kg

Fibre Plus Nuggets 20kg

Garlic 1kg & 5kg

Hi Light Horse & Pony Cubes 20 kg

Hi Light Horse & Pony Mix 20 kg

Hi light Improver Conditioning Cubes 20 kg

Light chaff 15kg

Oat Balancer Mix 20 kg

Outshine 6.5kg and 20kg

Stud Balancer 20 kg

Tasty Treat 5kg

Spillers / Mars Horsecare

Slow Energy Cubes 20 kg

Conditioning Cubes 20 kg

Power Cubes 25 kg

Lay Off Cubes 25 kg

Competition Mix 20 kg

Slow Energy Mix 20 kg

Instant Energy Mix 20 kg

Conditioning Mix 20 kg

Power Mix 20 kg

Stud Mix & Youngstock Mix 20 kg

Senior Maintenance Mix 20 kg

Senior Conditioning Mix 20 kg

Essentials Cool Mix 20kg

Essentials High fibre Cubes 20kg

Essentials Horse & Pony Cubes 20kg

Stud Cubes 20 kg

Racehorse Cubes 25 kg

Youngstock Pellets 20 kg

Gro’n Win Stud Balancer 20 kg

Happy “Hoof” 20 kg

Cool Fibre 20 kg

Conditioning Fibre 20 kg

Senior Fibre 20 kg

Daily Balancer 15kg

Original Multi Balancer 20 kg

Pro Performance Balancer 20 kg

Lite and Lean Balancer 20 kg

Senior and Supple Balancer 20 kg

PEGASUS Mix 20 kg

PEGASUS Cubes 20 kg

Pegasus Chaff 12.5 kg

Pegasus Condition Cubes 20 kg

EQUILIBRIUM Growth 20 kg

EQUILIBRIUM Low Energy 20 kg

EQUILIBRIUM Medium Energy 20 kg

EQUILIBRIUM Condition 20 kg

Happy Hoof Molasses Free 20kg

Alfalfa Pro Fibre 20kg

Red Mills

14% Cooked Mix 25 kg

14% Racehorse Nuts 25 kg

10% Cool Feed Cubes 20 kg

Horse Care Cubes (14) 25 kg

Horse Care 10% 20 kg

Grocare Balancer 20 kg

Top Spec Equine

TopChop Lite 15 kg

TopChop Alfa 15 kg

TopChop Grass 15kg

Lite Balancer 20 kg

Donkey Forage Balancer 20kg

Topspec Joint Feed Balancer 15kg

Comprehensive Feed Balancer 20 kg

Senior Balancer 15 kg

Senior Lite Balancer 15 kg

Stud Feed Balancer 20 kg

Anti – Lam 15 kg

Super Conditioning Flakes 20 kg

Turbo 20 kg

Racing Balancer 20 kg

Cool Balancer 15 kg

Cool Condition Cubes 20 kg

Performance Cubes 20 kg

Racehorse Cubes 20 kg

Fibre Plus Cubes 20 kg

Ulsakind Cubes 20kg

Bespoke Easy cubes 20kg

12% High Fibre mix 20kg

14% High Fibre mix 20kg

Topchop Sport 15kg

Topchop Zero 12.5kg

Topspec Stud Light Balancer 20kg

Allen & Page

Cool & Collected 20kg

Veteran Vitality 20 kg

Veteran Light 20kg

Power & Performance 20 kg

Ride & Relax 20 kg

Quiet Mix 20 kg

Herbal Quiet Mix 20 kg

Fast Fibre 20 kg

Hacking Mix 20 kg

Old Faithful 20 kg

Weight Gain 20 kg

Calm & Condition 20 kg

Blue Chip

Original 20 kg

Dynamic 20 kg

Lami – Light 15 kg


Graze-On 15 kg


Equerry High Fibre Cubes (20kg)

Equerry Cool Cubes (20kg)

Equerry Horse & Pony Cubes (20kg)

Equerry Conditioning Cubes (20kg)

Equerry Performance Cubes (20kg)

Equerry Conditioning Mash (20kg)

Equerry Stud Cubes (20kg)

Equerry Racehorse Cubes (20kg)

Equerry Cool Mix (20kg)

Equerry Horse and Pony Mix (20kg)

Equerry Sports Mix (20kg)

Equerry Veteran Mix (20kg)

Equerry Stud & Yearling Mix (20kg)

Equerry Conditioning Mix (20kg)


Haylage – Recreation 20kg approx.

Haylage Lite 20kg approx.

Haylage Fair Forage 20kg approx.

Silvermoor Timothy 20kg approx.

Silvermoor veteran 20kg approx.

Youngs Animal Feeds

MoliChop Original 15kg


HORSEHAGE Green -- Ryegrass 23.8 kg

HORSEHAGE Blue -- Hi Fibre 23.8 kg

HORSEHAGE Purple -- Timothy 23.8 kg

Fullmart Feeds

EQUILAGE Green - Ryegrass 22 kg

EQUILAGE Blue - Hi Fibre 22 kg

EQUILAGE Equiblox Hi fibre 12 x 1kg


Applechaff 12.5 kg

ShowShine 12.5 kg

Calmer 15 kg

Readigrass 15 kg

British Horse Feeds

Speedi – Beet 20 kg

Fibre – Beet 20 kg

Trident Feeds

SUGAR-BEET - Shredded (Trident) 20 kg

SUGAR-BEET - Pellets 25 kg

SUGAR-BEET - Equi-beet (unmolassed pellets) 20 kg

Honychop Horse Feeds

Honeychop Original – 12.5kg

Honeychop with Garlic – 12.5kg

Honeychop Chopped Oat Straw 15kg

Honeychop Senior 12.5kg

Honeychop Calm & Shine 12.5kg

Honeychop Natural Choice Alfalfa 12.5kg

Honeychop Lite & Healthy 15kg

Honeychop Herbs 12.5kg

Gain Horse Feeds

Racehorse Cubes 25kg

Freedom Cubes 25kg

Opticare Balancer 25kg

Rowen Barbary

Ready Mash EXTRA – 20kg

Ready Mash Fibre – 20kg

Ready Mash – 20kg

Solution Mash 20kg

Forage ‘n’ Fibre 20kg

Sumo Muscle Builder 20kg

Senior Support 20kg

Coolstance Horse Feeds

Copra Coconut Meal 20kg

Saracen Horse Feeds

Equi-Jewel 20kg. A Hi Oil Rice Bran.

Re-Leve 20kg Cereal Free, Low Sugar, Low Starch Feed.

Enduro Performance - For Controlled Performance.

Stamm 30 20kg - A Stud And Performance Balancer.

Shape Up 20kg - A Low Calorie Balancer Mix.

Show Improver Pencil & Mix.

Essential Balancer 20kg

Saracen Super Fibre Pencils 20kg

Level Grow Mix 20kg

Speed Mix 20kg

Conditioning Mix 20kg

Veteran Mix 20kg

Verteran Cubes 20kg


Bed–Max Softwood shaving flakes 20 kg

Thoroughbred Shavings
Small Flake clean white dust extracted shavings 20kg approx.

Lay Soft
25 kg

Chopped soft hemp 20 kg

Little Max
Shavings 20kg
Small flake pine shavings

Wood pulp 85 ltr

Comfy Bed Plus 23kg
Dust extracted premium wood chip & wood shavings blended

Rapasorb – Clean Chopped Oil seed rape straw, treated and scented 20kg

Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens 50 ltr

Wood Pellets

Bedwell Equinola
Chopped Oil Seed Rape Straw, lemon scented and treated 20 kg


Argo Feeds

Cod Liver Oil 1 ltr / 5 ltr

Garlic Granules 1 kg refill bags / 3 kg refill bags

Garlic Granules 3kg tubs

Limestone Flour 6kg

Molasses 20 ltr

Stablemate 2kg

Vit Min Supplement - The Original 3kg / 10kg

Treats in a Tub 3kg


Leisure Vits & Mins 2 Kg

Digestive Health Plus 1 Kg

Performance Vits & Mins 2 Kg

Measuring Buckets

Top Spec Supplements

Healthy Hoof – 3kg / 9kg / 20kg.

All In One – 4kg / 9kg / 20kg.

Calmer – 3kg / 9kg / 20kg.

10:10 Joint – 1.5kg / 9kg / 20kg.

Antilam – 20kg.

Digestive Aid – 3kg.

Global Herbs

Please enquire for details of all products in this range.

Full range available


Digest Plus 1 kg

Garlic Supplement 1 kg / 5 kg

Outshine – Plain 6.5 Kg Bag

Dodson & Horrell

Breathe Free 1 Kg

Echinacea 600 Grms

Equibites 3 Kg Tub

Itch Free 1 Kg

Mobility 1 Kg

Placid 1 Kg

Salt Stones 1 Kg / 3 Kg/ 5 Kg

Stroppy Mare 1 Kg

Vitalise 1ltr

Milk Thistle 500grms

Lami Free 1.5kg

Perfect Gentleman 1kg

Digestive Support 1.5kg

Electrolytes 2kg

Devil Claw Root – 1.5kg Tub / 1 ltr liquid

Equine America

Airways 473 Mls / 454 grms

Buteless 946 Mls

Corta Flex Powder 908 Grms

Corta Flex Ha Superfen Solution 1 Litre

Dermagel 100 Mls

Fungatrol Cream 400 Grms

Glucosamine Powder 908 Grms

Kentucky Joint Liquid 946 Mls

Like Ice 2.7K Kg

Magnitude (Magnesium Calming) 908 Grms

Msm Powder 454 Grms

No More Moods 946 Mls

Pro Pell Plus 946 Mls / 3.8 Ltr

So Kalm Powder / Syringes 908 Grms / 3 X Doses

Tye Guard 946 Mls

Apple / Cherry Lytes (Equine America) 1.8 Kg

Cushings Crumble 908g

Ulcer Guard Pellets 1.6kg

Naf Range

Aloe Vera Purple Spray 240mls

Arnica Gel 400 Mls

5 Star Super Flex Liquid 1 Ltr

5 Star Super Flex Powder 400 Grms / 800 Grms / 1.6 Kg

Biotin 1.5 Kg Tub / 2 Kg Refill Bag

Devil's Claw Liquid 1 Ltr

D – Itch (In Feed Powder) 500 Grms / 1 Kg

D – Itch Ointment 600 Mls

D - Itch Spray 750 Mls

Electro Salts 1Kg

Ener G 2 Ltr

Ener G Srynges

Gastri Aid 1.8kg

Lamineze 750 Grms / 1.5 Kg

Love The Skin He’s In – Spray 750mls / Salve 400grms / Wash 1ltr / Supplement 720grms

Haylage Balancer 1.8 Kg / 3.6 Kg

Magic (In Feed Powder) 750 grms / 1.5kg / 3kg

Magic Syringes (Instant) 3 X 30 Mls

Magic Liquid 1 Ltr

Msm Ointment 250 Grms

Mud Guard Ointment 1 Kg

Mud Guard Powder (In Feed) 500 Grms/1 Kg

Oestress 500 Grms / 1 Kg

Oestress Liquid 1 Ltr

Pink Powder 700grms / 1.4kg / 2.8kg

Pro Feet 5 Star Liquid 1 Ltr / 2 Ltr

Pro Feet Powder 1.3kg / 2.6kg

Pro – Feet Rock Hard 250Mls

Pro – Feet Rub 500 Mls

Pure Msm 300 Grms

Respirator Liquid / Powder 1 Ltr / 1 Kg

Senior in the Pink 900grms / 1.8 Kg

Supplement 720grms

Wound Cream 50 Mls

Himalayan Rock Salt - 750g/2.5kg/4.25kg

5 Star Superflex Senior 660g

Go Sound 1ltr

Devils Relief Liquid 1 Ltr

Glucosamine 10,000 + Msm 900g/4.5kg

Pro Feet Dressing 900g

Hoof Moist Nat/Black 900mls

Veteran Supplement 1.5kg

Lts Mudguard Barrier Cream 1.25kg

Lts Mudguard Supplement 690g

Optimum Feed Balancer 3kg

Super Codlivine Range

Cod Liver Oil & Garlic 500 Mls

Crunchies Plain/ Apple/ Carrots 500 Grms

Garlic Parsley & Linseed 1 Ltr

Hydra Lyte Liquid 1 Ltr

Redcell 3.8 Ltr

Linseed Flake 2.5 Kg

Tribute / It's Not Bute 1 Ltr

Super Codlivine Supplement Orange Lid 2.5 Kg

Supple Joint Formula Supp Silver Lid 2.5 Kg


Large Assorted Refills

Small Assorted Refills

Likit Holders

Boredom Buster

Boredom Breaker

Snacker Balls

Tongue Twisters

(Caltech) Stable-Lick

Original - Blue 5 Kg / 15 Kg

Respiratory - Green 5 Kg / 15 Kg

Mobility - Orange 5 Kg / 15 Kg

Garlic - Yellow 5 Kg / 15 Kg

Mini Stable Licks 650 Grms

Original,Mint.Respiratory,Garlic (12 X 650 Grms)

Stable Lick holder for 5kg

Horslyx Holder for 15kg

Small Holder Block Purple 12 Kg

Lumin 8

Lumin8 Oil – 1ltr / 2.5ltr / 5ltr


Body Builder Milk Pellets 3kg

Equivite Supplement 3kg / 15kg

Meadow Herb Treats / Spearmint / Apple / Biotin / Glucosamine


Pharmaquin Joint Complete 1kg

Misc. Supplements

Cider Vinegar 1 Ltr / 5 Ltr / 25 Ltr

Clop 1Kg / 5Kg

Farriers Formula 5Kg

Formula 4 Feet 7Kg / 20Kg

Garlic Granules 20 Kg Box

Gold Label Biotin 900 Grms

Gold Label Glucosamine Powder 900 Grms

Gold Label Glucosamine Liquid 1 Ltr

Hormonise Liquid 1 Ltr

Kossolian 1Kg / 2.5Kg

Linseed Oil 1 Ltr / 5Ltr

Mare’s Milk Replacer - Equilac 10Kg

Mint Leaf 500 Grms

Navilam O Liquid 1 Ltr

Nettle Leaf 500 Grms

No-Bute Liquid 1 Ltr / 5 Ltr

Tranquil 1 Ltr

Rockies - Red / White / Yellow / Mint / Apple / Carrot / Cherry. 2Kg

Red Cell 3.8 Ltr

Seaweed 2Kg / 25Kg

Selenavite – E 1.5Kg/ 4Kg

Soya Oil 5 Ltr / 20 Ltr

Restore-Lyte 1.5 Kg / 4 Kg

Super Codlivine Hydralyte Liquid 1 Ltr

Happy Tummy Charcoal 900g

Horse First Relax Me - 750g/2kg/Syringe

Worm Count Kits - Single/Double

Other Equine

Equine Veterinary Products


Antiseptic Green Gel

Bandages –Vet Wrap

Barrier Aloe Vera Gel

Cotton Wool

Cough Liquid – Lincoin Herbal

Cribox & Brush

Dermoline Wound Cream

Epsom Salts


Gold Label Wonder Gel

Gold Label Muscle/Tendon Gel

Hibiscrub - Antibacterial Wash

Heel To Hoof Soothing Cream (Barrier)

Iodine/Sanifor Spray

Keratex Mud Shield Powder

Leg Guard - Gold Label

Louse Powder

Pine Tar Spray - Lincoln

Pig Oil and Sulphur

Pig Oil Spray and Sulphur Powder

Purple Footcare & Sanitising Spray 400ml

Purple Spray - Lincoln

Radiol B – R Embrocation

Radiol M – R Embrocation

Sheath Cleaner

Stockholm Tar / Spray

Tea Tree Cream

Udder Cream

Veterinary Antiseptic Spray

Virkon ‘S’ – Equine Disinfectant

Wound Powder – White/Black

Fly / Midge Repellents

Lincoln ‘Classic’ Fly Spray (Deet)

Barrier Super Fly Spray Plus

Barrier Fly Gel

Demoline Sweet Itch Lotion

Ditch The Itch

Net Tex Fly Repellent Spray

Kill Itch

Naf Off Citronella Spray/Gel 750ml/2.5lt 750g

Naf Off "Deet" Spray

Naf Off "Extra" "Pink"

Nettex Itch Stop Salve

Hoof Dressings / Oils

Hoof Moist (Naf)

Lincoln Hoof Oil

Lincoln Soild Hoof Oil

Lincoln Hoof Disinfectant

Effol Hoof Ointment (Green,Black,Yellow)

Life Data Disinfectant

Keretex Hoof Hardener

Cornucrescine & Brush

Cornucrescine Ointment Tin

Stockholm Tar Tin/Spray

Purple Footcare And Sanitising Spray

Naf Pimp My Pony

Naf Show Off

Naf Shine On Spray

Naf Show Muck Off Spray

Barrier Lavendar Wash

Kevin Bacon's

Hoof Solution 150 Grms

Hoof Dressing -- Black 1 Ltr

Hoof Dressing -- Clear 1 Ltr

Liquid Hoof Dressing 1 Ltr

Supreme Products

Please enquire for details of all products in this range. Full range available

Saddle Soap And Oils

Lincoln Glycerine – Tub

Lincoln Glycerine – Bar

Belvoir Tack Conditioner Spray

Belvoir Leather Balsam

Belvoir Saddle Soap Bar

Neatsfoot Gel - Lincoln

Effax Leather Balm

Effax Leather Combi

Naf Quick Clean

Naf Sheer Luxe Leather Balsam

Naf Sheer Luxe Leather Food

Naf Sheer Luxe Cleanse And Condition

Naf Leather Soap (Bar)

Neatsfoot Oil - Lincoln

Shampoos And Coat Conditioners

Absorbine Show Sheen Spray

Blue/Chestnut/Shine/Stain Remover

Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner Spray

Dermoline Insectcidal Shampoo

Dermoline Mane & Tail Cond Spray

Gallop Extra Strength

Gold Label Grey Shampoo

NAF Shiny Coat Spray

NAF Silky Mane and Tail Spray

NAF Tea Tree Shampoo

NAF Lavender Wash

Supreme Products Shampoo Complete Range Available

Supreme Products Coat Gloss Spray

Horse Sundry Items

Buckets Feed / Water

Tub Trugs Small15 / Med26 / Large 42

Feed Scoops

Hook Over Mangers

Hay Nets - Large

Haylage Nets - Large

Haylage Nets - Small

Headcollars - Full, Cob, Pony

Lead Ropes

Chalk Blocks

Mineral Block Holders

Stable Zone Disinfectant

Feed Stirrers

Clipper Oil

Waterproofing Spray