Argo Own Brand Pig Feeds

With any of the below diets, always ensure clean fresh water is available.

Pig Grower Nuts

Feed from 7 to 8 weeks depending on what growth rate is required, to finishing.

Sow and Weaner Nuts and Cobs

An all round diet for Weaners and Sows. Provides enough energy for lactating sows or as a maintenance diet for all pigs including Pot Bellied Pigs. Fully complemented with all vitamins and minerals.

Pig Weaner Pellets

A small pellet for baby pigs, which can be fed to supplement the mother's milk, then for a complete feed until Pig Growers are introduced at 8 weeks.

Stock Mix 20kg

A palatable complementary compound feed suitable for Cattle, Goats, Deer, Pigs and Sheep (excluding Rams and intensively fed Male Lambs). To be fed with forage and fresh water from 6 months of age for maintenance or replacement breeding stock.

Allen & Page

Pot Bellied Pig Food 20

Sca Nutec

Multi Milk 5