Argo Own Brand Poultry Feeds

All our feeds are totally drug free. No artificial yolk pigmentors or growth promoters are used, providing diets which enhance bird’s health, and help produce eggs with natural strong yolk colour.

Baby Chick Crumbs

This is a small crumb, to be fed from hatching to 4 to 6 weeks ad-lib.

Chick Grower Pellets

This is a small pellet to be fed from 6 to 8 weeks to point of lay. To be fed ad-lib for healthy growth.

Golden Yolk Layers Pellets/Golden Yolk Layers Meal

To be fed from point of lay (18 to 20 weeks) on an ad-lib basis. Will provide your chickens with the essential protein, vitamins and minerals to produce healthy tasty eggs on a regular basis. Contains maize, grass and other natural ingredients.

Mixed Poultry Corn

A screened mix of whole wheat and split maize. Use as a treat to peck at. Not a replacement for the nutritionally balanced diet of Golden Yolk Layers Pellets or Meal.

Poultry Mix Complete

A unique blend of Layer Pellets, wheat, maize, oyster shell, flaked cereals. Ideal for the owner with small numbers of poultry to provide a complete diet.

Bantam Pellets

A high energy diet for Bantams. Also suitable for small, Fancy and Rare breed Poultry.

Turkey Grower Pellets

Feed from 4 weeks, ad-lib to growing birds.

Turkey Finisher

Feed to finish from 12 weeks or for maintenance.

Whole Wheat

Cleaned, to be used for the birds to peck at as a treat.

Split Maize

Cleaned, to be used for the birds to peck at as a treat.

Mixed Poultry Corn plus Black Sunflowers 20kg

A screened mix of whole wheat and split maize with black sunflowers to be used as a treat to peck.

Mixed Poultry Grit 25kg

Oyster Shell Grit 25kg

Chick Flint Grit 25kg

Allen & Page

Natural Free Range Layer Pellets 20 kg

Turkey Starter Crumbs & P 20 kg

Mixed Poultry Corn 20 kg

Super Mixed Corn 20 kg

Organic Layers Pellets 20 kg

Organic Mixed Corn 20 kg

Goose / Duck Grower/Finisher 20 kg

Goose / Duck Breeder Pellets 20 kg

Natural Free Range Layer Pellets 5 kg

Natural Free Range Layers Crumble 20kg

Mixed Poultry Corn 5 kg

Organic Nat Free Range Layer Pellets 5 kg

Organic Mixed Poultry Corn 5 kg

Fancy Feed Company

Layer’s Pellets 20 kg

Layer’s Pellets 5 kg

Mixed Corn 5 kg

Fenland Waterfowl Pellets 5kg


Poultry Spice 450 Grms / 1.5Kg

Poultry Drink / Tonic 500 Mls

Battles EasyVerm 250grms

Battles Red Mite Powder 500 Grms

Battles Poultry Louse Powder 750 Grms

Battles Poultry House Disinfectant 1 Ltr

Barrier Red Mite Powder 500 Grms

Barrier Red Mite Conc Liquid 500 Mls

Barrier Scaley Leg 500 Mls

Country Living Dyn-Nomite 500grms

Country Living Omega Oil 1ltr

Dodson & Horrell Poultry Pick Me Up 500mls

Dodson & Horrell Poultry Cider Vinegar 1ltr

Global Herbs Egg Plus 500grms

Global Herbs Revitaliser 250mls

Global Herbs Apple Cider Vinegar 1ltr

Global Herbs Mite Spray for House 500mls

Global Herbs Mite Spray for Chicken Legs 100mls

Global Herbs Herbal Lice Powder 200grms

Harker'sduramitex Plus Spray 200 Mls

Harker's Coxoid Oral Solution 112 Mls / 500 Mls

Smite Professional Spray 750mls

Smite Powder 350grms

Smite Concentrate Liquid 5ltr

Smite Concentrate Liquid 1ltr

Stockholm Tar Tub / Spray 450 Grms / 200 Mls

Naf Life Guard 250 Mls

Nettex Anti-Pecking Spray 250 Mls

Nettex Scaley Leg 500mls

Nettex Total Mite RTU Spray 750mls

Nettex Total Mite Kill Powder 300grms

Nettex Total Mite Kill Concentrate 500mls and 2ltr

Verm X Poultry Pellets 750 Grms

Verme X Poultry Pellets 250 Grms

Verm X Poultry Liquid 250mls

Virkon S 50 Grms /1Kg / 5 Kg / 10 Kg


Bed–Max Softwood shaving flakes 20 kg

Thoroughbred Shavings
Small Flake clean white dust extracted shavings 20kg approx.

Lay Soft
25 kg

Chopped soft hemp 20 kg

Little Max
Shavings 20kg
Small flake pine shavings

Wood pulp 85 ltr

Comfy Bed Plus 23kg
Dust extracted premium wood chip & wood shavings blended

Rapasorb – Clean Chopped Oil seed rape straw, treated and scented 20kg

Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens 50 ltr

Wood Pellets

Bedwell Equinola
Chopped Oil Seed Rape Straw, lemon scented and treated 20 kg